According to a morning report by Android Police, Google is thinking to launch official valve steam in Chrome OS. Yes, it is happening! The Valve’s stream, gaming platform on Chromebooks is a new product by Google.

The story marked the headlines when Kan Liu, director of product management for Chrome OS, hints at the valve steam launch in a recent interview. During the conversation that happened at CES, Liu alluded that Google was directly working in cooperation with Valve on the upcoming project.

The idea behind the product is that gaming is one of the most popular categories on play store today — more and more download games. The product will give high returns to the audience.

Along with that, now anybody can bring steam on the Chrome Operating system that supports Linux apps. Steam not only has a Linux client but also sells Linux games. You can easily install and use stream on the chrome operating system.

Although, you may not get the entire windows collection of steam games because Chromebooks are not gaming hardware. Currently, Chrome GPU can run official youtube videos and scroll a webpage. Access to 3D graphics is not possible with the current chrome model.

The hardware for Linux sandbox is not advanced and alike hardware is available to run games at a high FPS using Windows or Linux operating system.

The issue doesn’t end here. Google has stadia with them. It is a gaming solution for chrome. Stadia doesn’t require heavy gaming hardware to complete its functioning and is able to stream live video to your Chromebook. No doubt, for a limited Chromebook, stadia is a perfect solution. The new valve steam on Chromebook is going to fail the whole google gaming strategy. However, Google continuously improvises their model and try to make out something more unique.

Does that mean that Google will establish a gaming focussed Chromebook? Well, Liu does expect Google to work on their Chrome OS and make it suitable for steam, writes Android Police. For example – There is a buzz that AMD Chromebooks are coming. However, Liu has refrained from adding any further comments. However, we should stay in touch to get regular updates

However, the original concept for web-focused laptop seems to be failed. You can easily buy a Chromebook of 1 TB storage. A gaming Chromebook will be thicker, hotter, more massive and most important expensive. I wonder if that will fit the purchasing power of the audience and people will be interested in something like this. Time will tell.

Most probably, Valve is going to welcome Chrome OS wholeheartedly and it is working upon to reduce its dependency on windows. Moreover, Vulkan, as a topmost API alternative to the Microsoft built Direct X is also promoting gaming software to run without the presence of non-windows platforms.

If steam compatibility happens, then Google will also add a straightforward chrome OS. Earlier, there was light and simple Chrome OS. After that, Google said an Android & play store in 2017 and Linux support in 2018.

After steam addition, there will be three significant platforms along with chrome extensions; web apps will be available to OS.