Samsung is stepping ahead to build India’s first smartphone display manufacturing unit on the edges of Delhi. They are very concerned regarding this as they are going to spend more than 3,500 crores for this facility in Noida. It will be under the Registrar of Companies (RoC) as per the regulatory filing. The idea is to expand this to other devices further.

The Samsung India Electronics has fetched a plot of group company (Samsung Display) in the existing manufacturing plant area and hence given a loan of 3,500 crores for three years to meet the requirements for the establishment of production. According to the business intelligence news, it got concluded that Samsung Display, Noida will carry all principal business. It includes manufacturing, assembling, processing, and sales of displays along with their parts, components, and accessories. It will do the same for all types and sized devices.
At this time, the Samsung display got centered on mobile phones. With the rise in investments, the presentations got extended to laptops and televisions. It will come into action within this year.

This project appears as the world’s largest mobile manufacturing unit in India, with a total expenditure of 4,915 crores. It is an excellent initiative in context with make in India, and thus the government is fully supporting it.

Moreover, the Samsung Company has a distinct idea about its market and customers. It leads this company to establish such a large project.

Samsung Display has been looking to set up its manufacturing unit in India from the last year. The further report reveals that Samsung SDOI India was looking to set up groups for the production of smartphone batteries.