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Health World

Outbreak of Coronavirus is majorly affecting India’s Trade and businesses

India is involved with China in importing goods, pharmaceuticals, movable parts, and almost everything. But the recent outbreak of coronavirus

electric vehicles
Banking Technology

India aims to become global hub for manufacturing of electric vehicles

India is a developing country, and aiming for a better future is a must. India always tries to unlock new

Science Tech

Isro to launch satellites to combat the ageing fleet

The country’s space agency chairman told ET about the end of life of satellite in orbit. It has led to

tvs iqube
Business Technology

TVS Motor is launching iQube

As per the reports TVS, the motor is figuring out the methodology to create a separate collection of electrical items.

whatsapp payment
Banking Business

WhatsApp to add payment feature – WhatsApp Pay

WhatsApp is a famous app and almost used by 400 million people in India. This app is approaching towards creating

Tech Technology

Surveillance Firms on Boom due to Government Demand

The surveillance technology in India is on its peak points. As per the Industry experts, the buzz is because of

shlayer malware

Malwares a great threat to Mac users.

Mac users that repeated facing the threat of Malware. Shlayer is dominating mac malware, which first came into light in